Rising Eagle Resort COVID 19 Operating plan

In order to ensure the safety of our guests, Rising Eagle Resort will be implementing the following policy and procedures for the 2020 tourist season. RER reserves the right to add to, modify, or otherwise change this policy dependent on current conditions.

In an effort to make this process more streamline and easier to follow RER breaks this policy into 4 parts. Our guest’s responsibility, what RER will do prior to our guests’ arrival, what happens during your stay, and what measures will be taken to protect RERs family/workers.

Your (guests) responsibility:
Above all the safety of our guests are most important to us. This starts BEFORE you even arrive here at Rising Eagle Resort. RER askes that if you are or have been sick (have had a fever within the last 2 weeks) that you DO NOT come up for your stay. If this is the case contact RER and we will work with you in one of the following options:

1. If you cannot make your original reservation due to sickness RER will allow you to reschedule your stay later in the 2020 season.
2. If a date cannot be reached to reschedule your stay in the 2020 stay RER will allow your deposit to ‘carry over’ to a date in the 2021 season.
3. RER will allow you to let someone else use your stay in your stead. Just like if you were coming up the balance of the stay would be do upon check in.

In all these options You will not be assessed an additional fee and your deposits will be honored in full.

Rising Eagle Resort does prior to your arrival:
Before you even arrive for your stay RER does everything it can to ensure your cabin is clean and disinfected, ready for your stay. We follow all CDC recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting a room for the COVID disease. This includes but are not limited to the following practices:

1. All hard (porous) surfaces will be wiped down and disinfected with approved cleaner. This includes but not limited to counter, switches, remotes, knobs/handles, items easily and frequently touched and handled.
2. Spray disinfectant will be used on all soft surfaces to include drapes, carpet flooring, blankets, pillows and shower curtains.
3. RER will also provide a cleaner/disinfectant spray for you to use during your stay.
4. RER will provide individually wrapped potti papper and paper towels.
5. Outdoor surfaces (picnic tables, deck railings, garbage cans, kayaks and paddle boats) will be spray disinfected.
6. Rental boat controls will be disinfected prior to rental

During Your Stay:

2. The lodge area will remain open, we are limiting the capacity to 4 people plus RER personnel. We also recommend running a ‘tab’ and settle up with one transaction at the end of the week.
3. Rising Eagle Resort will disinfect kayaks and paddleboats daily.
4. All public restrooms will be cleaned daily and disinfected 2 more times during the day. (approx. 12:00 and again at 5:00 pm)
5. Final Bills will be ready by Noon on Friday before checkout. Please ‘filter’ into the lodge to settle up any final charges. No more than 4 guests in the lodge at one time.

RER personnel:

1. RER will use all appropriate PPE during our daily tasks around the resort. In most instances this is done with disposable gloves and masks (depending on task).
2. While completing our daily tasks RER requests our guest maintain ‘safe distance’ min. 6ft to allow us to perform our tasks safely.

As always if you (our guests) need something or see something that needs our attention please bring it to us. We will handle it appropriately. Your safety and happiness is foremost on our minds and heart.