Wow, it seems like this winter just won’t quite.  As I look around the resort snow piles look like mountains! Let just say I don’t need a ladder to get on the roof anymore!  This winters ice has been really tuff.  anyone who has tried to icefish this season knows I ain’t lyin.  And fishing has been slow but enough for supper anyway.  Alot of 8 to 12 inch walleye! looks good for a few years from now!

Needless to say I have SPRING FEVER! looking forward to seeing everyone again this year.  And even though I bragged all year that we had no major projects planned for the spring we do have more than a few minor projects. ( ie. Rhonda says we need to paint. I’m pretty sure that means every building! just alittle thing.) then a deck or two and some much needed dock boards and hopefully an extra dock! to free up some more space for campground boats.  We did end up doing some lake shore improvements this past fall because of the high water before freeze.  Hopefully that ends the bank eroding.  It does give us an opprotunity to do some beach work this summer!  We found some old pics of the resort and would love to restore that beach area infront of the Moose and Hummingbird cabins.

June seems to be filling in fast this season! So get your cabin reserved ASAP.  July is still open and I know fishing has dropped off in the past during July but the last 2 years it has been good all thru the summer.  Cold long springs  I think. Looks like this spring will be the same so don’t shy away from mid summer. Still Lots of good fishing to be had.

For all our RV friends the campground is all filled in and looks like its been there for years.  lots of room for even you big guys….  Keep us in mind for the season or just a weekend get a way.

Keep warm friends and lets all looking towards warmer days, liquid water, good fishing and good times with family and friends!!